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TonySuits Wingsuits

The best wingsuits on the market.

TonySuits has been making jumpsuits for over 30 years and wingsuits for over a decade. Tony's wingsuit designs have redefined the performance envelope of human flight, dominating the skydiving and BASE jumping performance competitions. They offer a complete range of suits to match all experience levels and sub-disciplines. Be it beginner, expert, acrobatic pilot, racer or short start BASE jumper. Contact us to help find the best suit for you.

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The range

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    I-bird - Beginner

    Perfect for your first wingsuit flights

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    T-bird - Intermediate

    Great for beginners and intermediate pilots

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    R-bird - Advanced

    Advanced all round performance

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    S-bird - Experienced

    Experienced performance flyers

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    Scorpion - Experienced

    Speed race pilots

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    X-bird - Expert

    Expert Skydiving Pilots

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    Rebel - Pro

    Short starts and serious performance

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    Jedei - Pro

    Proximity flight and serious performance

Tony of TonySuits...

Wingsuit designer and world champion pilot - 60 years old and still outflying pilots less than half his age.

Tony is the crazy scientist of wingsuit design whose un-ending motivation can turn a new idea into a suit in a matter of hours, personally making hundreds of prototypes. Tony's unique skill set as a rigger, tailor and wingsuit pilot make him a one man wingsuit factory who continues to lead the discipline.

Tony's designs focus on safety, ease of use and accessible performance.

TonySuits uses high grade materials and its experienced production staff work on site in the TonySuits factory in Florida, USA.

Demo suits available on request, we also have a range of pre-owned suits.

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