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Wingsuit Skydiving Coaching

Coaching for all levels

BASE Store offers coaching for all levels of wingsuit flying. Whether it be your first flight, acrobatics, flocking, performance flying or preparation for BASE jumping.

Training is tailored to your needs and we also incorporate air to air radio, GPS data analysis and HD video debrief.

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In detail

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    First Flight

    If you have 200 or more skydives you can start wingsuit flying. The course involves a ground briefing, 1 on 1 flight with air to air radio and video debrief. Photos also available.

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    Acrobatic and Performance training

    Training jumps are performed 1 on 1, using air to air radio, with video debrief. GPS analysis is also used.

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    Flocking training

    Training jumps are performed with small groups with video debrief.

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    BASE preparation

    Training jumps are performed 1 on 1, using air 2 air radio, video and GPS debrief.

Fun flying

BASE Store has trained hundreds of skydivers to fly wingsuits. Including the British Army Red Devil display team.

To be elligible for wingsuit training:

- minimum 200 skydives.

- suitable skydiving equipment (large docile main canopy).

We have rental wingsuits available.

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