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BASE Course

Complete 8 day BASE Course

BASE Store offers an 8 day BASE course, which includes exit training, theory, packing, slider down and slider up jumps.

After a day of ground training the course moves to a slider down bridge where the first jumps are performed, initially PCA before progressing on to freefall. From the bridge we relocate to a slider up cliff.

The goal of the course is to give students the best possible introduction to the sport of BASE jumping, including a broad background in theory as well as slider down / up jumps. The course only makes you a _._.S.E. jumper BUT puts you on the right track to become a well rounded, safety orientated competent jumper.

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In detail

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    Day 1

    Ground school, theory, equipment setup, history, ethics, exit practice and packing.

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    Days 2 - 4

    Slider down bridge jumps, PCA > Freefall. Focusing on good exit position, canopy control, pre-declared delay and off heading drills. Also covering static line and multi way jumps.

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    Days 5 - 8

    Slider up cliff jumps. Focusing on good exit and tracking position, pre-declared delay and off heading drills.

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    Video and Photo

    Video, photo and drone footage of the course is included.

The right start..

BASE jumping is a dangerous extreme sport - with the right approach those risks can be made sustainable, making it possible to jump safely thousands of times.

8 day BASE course - BASE Store

The BASE Store has over a decade of experience training BASE jumpers and we are fortunate to have 2 of the best beginner objects in the world for the course.

To be elligible for the course we ask:

- minimum 300 skydives.

- your own BASE equipment (we can assist in finding new or used equipment).

Q. Why choose the BASE Store for your course?

A. We offer a personal approach, with small group sizes, you won't be just a number. Focusing the training on your strengths and weaknesses. Your course will be an unforgettable experience, the starting point of many BASE adventures.

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